Album Cover Art Wednesday: Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel

The Dead are known for their killer live performances and their mediocre studio albums. They did, however, cut a few good studio records and Mars Hotel is one of them. It’s a ballad heavy LP with 2 classic rockers in US Blues and Scarlet Begonias. It also has swell cover art, which can be seen below:

Mars Hotel Front

Here’s the back cover, which confirms what we’ve all suspected about the Dead, they’re aliens:

Mars Hotel back

Here’s the whole consarn album via planet YouTube:

4 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel

  1. Anna Granfors says:

    …and, if you hold it in a mirror and turn it upside down, the hieroglyphics under the album title (and on the back cover) become readable…”Ugly Rumors”. (A pun on “roomer”, as in a roomer at a hotel, I think.)

  2. adrastos says:

    Yup. That was Tony Blair’s bands name as well; inspired by this cover.

  3. millsapian87 says:

    This is my favorite Dead album, hands down. Reminds me of high school, although the album was already five years old by then. “Unbroken Chain” is and always will be a work of art.

  4. racymind says:

    I had Mars Hotel as a double album with ‘Wake of the Flood”. Funny that it was ruined in the wake of a flood in my garage, I didn’t store some stuff high enough up

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