Happy Birthday, Jerry


Today would have been Jerry Garcia's 72nd birthday. If I believed in astrology I'd go on about the awesomeness of my fellow Leos but I don't so I won't. As you can see from the picture above, Jerry was also an ardent San Francisco Giant fan. It will be Jerry Garcia Tribute Night at Pac Bell Park on August 12th thereby proving that my team is cooler than your team. Neener, neener, neener.

Here's some music. First, one of Robert Hunter's finest lyrics:


Here's one for the cat lovers out there:


Finally, back to tonight's morbid sub-text. Here are the Dead playing at a 1991 concert honoring the memory of their dear friend, the legendarily potty mouthed impresario, Bill (Uncle Bobo) Graham. I once played on Uncle Bobo's pickup hoops team at Winterland. He never passed the rock and he cursed a lot. Glory days. Playing keyboards is my late friend Vince Welnick. I think I need a shot of Fireball on the rocks:


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jerry

  1. Lex says:

    We got Leos out the wazoo in my family — both my brothers, my stepdad, a nephew and a couple of other, more distant relatives. The upside: It gives us an excuse (like we need one) for a big-ass party every August.

  2. Steve Gravelle says:


  3. DCDireWolf says:

    If only he could dust off those rusty strings one more night. RIP Jerry.

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