Weekend Question Thread

Because I’m already half-sliding into winter misery, and football season in Packer country is still going on:

What are you most looking forward to about spring this year?


Friday Night Music: It Was A Very Good Year

Songwriter Ervin Drake died yesterday at the age of 95. He was best known for the often recorded classic tune, It Was A Very Good Year. The best known version is, of course, by Frank Sinatra. which won several Grammy Awards:


Thank GOD for this… Paterno can now rest easy…

I know we were all really worried about poor Joe Paterno and how his legacy would be tarnished by not being the “winningest” coach in NCAA D-I history.

I realize that this was the big issue: What happens to those 100+ wins he picked up while letting Jerry Sandusky fondle young boys in the locker room showers.

I understand how big of a deal it is to hold onto that record, especially one so important that when Bobby Bowden picked it up by default, he proclaimed immediately, “There’s no way we can rejoice in that…”

I mean, we can’t exactly “unmolest” people, so what’s done is done and… geez… Haven’t Penn State fans suffered enough?

Hell, the statute of Joe Paterno has been missing on campus for ALMOST THREE YEARS! There are FRESHMEN who might graduate only having seen it once or twice!

(Don’t worry. Concerned alumni are planning to put a giant bronze statue downtown of Paterno reading “Aeneid” while sitting on a bench. The cost is estimated to be $300,000.)

And it’s not like these proud Nittany Lions don’t understand the problems associated with letting an assistant coach fuck at least 45 boys who were participating in his at-risk-youth charity.

Or that they don’t acknowledge how important it is to make things right for people like Matt Sandusky, Jerry’s adopted son, who stated he had been molested repeatedly.

It’s just, as one said, “about time” to move on with things. After all, how can the healing between the university and the greater area really get moving until we get a giant-ass statue stationed SOMEWHERE around here and get a dead guy his wins back?

Had Paterno been blind to the situation as his trademark Coke-bottle glasses would suggest, that might be one thing, but it was clear he had more than an inkling that something was rotten in Happy Valley.

Paterno not only knew about what Sandusky was doing, but concealed it from administrators and officials.

Not only that, but he went to BAT FOR SANDUSKY WITH THE UNIVERSITY.

This situation has always been “contentious” to quote those hoping to make it sound like a “he said/she said… let’s just call it even” argument.

It’s not. It’s a complete horror story.

And one that can’t be fixed with a “let bygones be bygones” approach.

Friday Ferretblogging: Hiding from the Day Edition

Claire says do I have to get up?



Friday Catblogging: Worshipping The Flame

We have a very large front room, which makes our house great for parties. It’s also, however, hard to heat when it gets below 45 degrees, so our central heater needs to be supplemented. Our old space heater died this week and we replaced it with one that glows. Oscar and Della’s new motto is: the space heater is dead, long live the new space heater.

IMG_3330photo (5)

Talk about Cat television. Once again I have an earworm and it’s a good one:

A Tale Of Two Romneys

From Album 5

On the one hand, tongue baths don’t get much wetter than the one given by “an anonymous advisor” to the Boston Globe. Hell, your standard boilerplate tributes to Ronaldus Magnus have nothing on claims that a Willard administration would magically mean no ISIS, no Ebola scare, a docile Vlad Putin…and what the hell, no herpes or heartbreak of psoriasis to boot. In other words, if not Camelot, then surely days of miracle and wonder (minus the bomb in the baby carriage, of course…I’d been thinking Donald Fagan’s train of graphite and glitter, but we know how wingnuts feel about transit and marriage equality)…

But…taking the opposite point of view, former Romney tout Jennifer Rubin now insists a third bite of the stormin’ Mormon apple would be like bringing this guy home to meet the parents…

From Album 5

OK, maybe not Dueling Mitts…but certainly sad trombone.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Devil Doll

When I mentioned evil ventriloquist dummies the other day, I forgot about 1964’s Devil Doll. That’s not a bad thing, it’s a real stinker. It’s not to be confused with the 1936 Todd Browning flick, which is pretty darn good.

Here’s the poster for the bad 1964 British horror movie:


More dummy devilment after the break.

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Malaka Of The Week: Randy Weber

I usually avoid piling on, but Congressman Randy Weber (Wingnut-Texas) was begging for abuse with that already deleted infamous tweet this week. Even though he’s “apologized” I decided I should join the scrum because he went where no elected official should go. Additionally, *he* piled on to the most ridiculous meme in  quite some time and that’s saying something. And that is why Texas Teanut Twit Randy Weber is malaka of the week.

I decided to do the screen capture thing with the tweet since I knew it would be deleted:

photo (1)

I have a hard time understanding why *any* American politician EVER  trots out Hitler analogies. Nobody in American political history remotely compares to that genocidal, warmongering lunatic. I realize the flying monkeys of the far right loathe and despise the President, but Hitler comparisons lead to blowback. There are still surviving veterans of what the Russians call the Great Patriotic War and they were among the critics. Malaka Weber issued a classic  pro forma non-apology apology:

I need to first apologize to all those offended by my tweet. It was not my intention to trivialize the Holocaust nor to compare the President to Adolf Hitler. The mention of Hitler was meant to represent the face of evil that still exists in the world today. I now realize that the use of Hitler invokes pain and emotional trauma for those affected by the atrocities of the Holocaust and victims of anti-Semitism and hate.

Hey, he’s not anti-Semitic. That’s a good start, dude, but you should have also “apologized” to those who fought in that war. You know, the ones Brokaw dubbed the greatest generation. It would be the patriotic thing to do and assholes like Malaka Weber are as big on flag waving as on dick waving. I only hope their flags are bigger than their dicks or brains for that matter. More about Weber’s general malakatude after the break.

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Album Cover Art Wednesday: Smithereens 11

People from Jersey like to stick together. I guess that’s why the Smithereens named their third album 11 in honor of the Sinatra/Rat Pack 1960 caper dramedy Ocean’s 11, which, in turn, inspired a remake by George Clooney and krewe in 2001. All of these efforts were commercially successful but Reens 1989 album was the most artistically noteworthy. It contains a slew of songs they still perform including the set closing rocker A Girl Like You. Here’s what lead singer/primary songwriter Pat Dinizio had to say about the album’s title:

”We were really into the Rat Pack thing. People thought it was our 11th album or that there were 11 songs on the album. We purposely try to confuse people.”

The cover evokes the Rat Pack with its image of the strolling band and the little chase thing at the bottom, which is taken from the Ocean’s 11 poster you’ll see after the break. One reason for that is that the great Saul Bass designed both the Reens album cover *and* the movie poster.


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Start Drug-Testing IKEA, Tennessee

Legalized bribery: 

Swedish furniture retailer Ikea would save about $9.5 million over 11 years with a tax incentive the company is requesting as it plans to invest more than $64 million for a new store in Memphis, records show.

Ikea would be the first retailer to receive a payment-in-lieu-of taxes incentive from the Economic Development Growth Engine for Memphis and Shelby County, created in 2011 to streamline city and county governments’ business incentives.

Well, if by “streamline” you mean “give away as much money as is humanly possible to companies that do not need it at all,” okay then. When local school districts are starving for cash and people are complaining about why their taxes are so high, I’m sure this won’t even come up.


There Are No Consequences


Why exactly should the GOP “Stop Lying About Obama’s Economy” or about anything else?  Sure it’s destructive and immoral and maddening, but that’s the plan, right?  Just keep right on lying, setting fires and denying facts…until they break the place beyond our ability to fix…and then feast on the misery and rubble.
So in what way, specifically, Daniel, has continuously lying about, well, everything been an unsuccessful strategy for them?
Because even a nobody blogger like me can see hella plenty downsides that would come crashing down on the head of anyone inside the 2015 GOP who dares to honestly confront the thoroughly unpleasant verities underpinning their party and movement, but what are the upsides?

We keep wanting them to play by the rules.

We keep wanting the modern Republican Party to play by the rules of the politics of 30 years ago, or even 20 years ago. When people would say something, if you lied, and there wasn’t a 24-hour news network dedicated to propping you up afterwards and mopping your fevered brow.

We keep wanting them to play by the rules because if they play by the rules we can play by the rules, and everybody knows what to do, and nobody has to be mean or rude or make anybody uncomfortable or raise a voice in any way.

We keep wanting them to play by the rules because if the rules hold the world up, then we understand our place in it and we don’t have to think that hard. We don’t have to sort out truth from fiction and we don’t have to fight so hard just to keep our footing.

And the thing is, they fucking know that and they’re playing us, and the journalists who pretend that isn’t the case are either too stupid to figure it out, or too desperately lazy to do the necessary work to be alive in this moment, and I don’t really care which it is. Knock it the fuck off either way, we have work to do here.


Tweet Of The Day: Back By Unpopular Demand

God’s gift to satire, Willard Mittbot Romney seems to have had a revelation from the Angel Moronic that he needs to run again. I await more news about the potential candidacy of the man who twice failed to become the first robot President. The LDS chapter of the Borg collective is mobilizing at this writing.

The tweet comes from some schmo who is waging a futile campaign to become the 13th Doctor Who:


AHS Freak Show Thread: Introducing Droogie Howser


Better late than never seems to be my Freak Show recapping motto. I was away from the computer for a few days so I thought I’d wait until Monday, Monday, can’t touch that day. It’s essentially my own form of Magical Thinking, which is the episode title. Anyone buying this?

I got a real kick out of seeing Neil Patrick Harris playing sick, twisted, totally bonkers veteran Chester Creb in this episode. On my second watch, I realized that he was now Droogie, not Doogie Howser. I’ll leave the whole Barney thing out of it because I only watched that show a few times. I always thought that was a weird name for a playa because past fictional Barneys have all been dweeby. Perhaps that was the point. They gave him the deservedly extinct name Chester, after all. I’ve only met one Chester in my life and he was a pretty nice guy with a white boy fro. But we was a Lone Chester. Just had to get that off my chester…

Since I’m late, I thought I’d do another one of my listicle things, but I’ll do it after the break.

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Quote Of The Day: Golden Globes Edition

I don’t watch the Golden Globes even though I adore Tina and Amy. They look like a slice of both sides of my gene pool and are funny as all get out. Hmm, maybe we *are* related.  All I do is read Ken Levine’s annual post mocking them:

As a reminder, the Hollywood Foreign Press is a grand total of 89 critics, some of whom are literally waiters. People win these awards for being generous tippers. Considering members of the Hollywood Foreign Press can be bought, some of them might be NFL referees.

And that’s another reason not to watch. Besides, I already watch one bad awards show: the Oscars. If Tina and Amy won’t do it, they need Zombie Johnny Carson. He was the best.

Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Zimmerman in the can edition

Hi, good people!

Remember when George Zimmerman was the Freeperville icon of “stand your ground”?   I do.

These days?

George Zimmerman arrested on domestic violence with a weapon charge

Posted on 1‎/‎10‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎13‎:‎25‎ ‎AM by stuck_in_new_orleans

George Zimmerman — the man acquitted by a Florida jury over the death of Trayvon Martin — was arrested Friday in Florida


Cue the “Poor George, he can do no wrong, it’s not his fault” crowd. What a moron. Does he have any idea what’s going to happen to him when/if he goes to jail?
1 posted on ‎1‎/‎10‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎13‎:‎25‎ ‎AM by stuck_in_new_orleans

To: stuck_in_new_orleans

Yep. I’m so over him.

2 posted on ‎1‎/‎10‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎14‎:‎46‎ ‎AM by Diana in Wisconsin (I don’t have ‘Hobbies.’ I’m developing a robust Post-Apocalyptic skill set…)

Wharrgarbl emergency crew report for duty!

To: stuck_in_new_orleans

He’ll have a lot of redneck friends, probably, who can see the utter B. S. behind the racism he’s had to face. Mr. Z. I am Bubba, I knocked off a gas station, but I am gonna make as sure as possible that nobody knocks you off, and you don’t even need to be my “girl.”

4 posted on 1‎/‎10‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎17‎:‎09‎ ‎AM by HiTech RedNeck (Embrace the Lion of Judah and He will roar for you and teach you to roar too. See my page.)

To: Diana in Wisconsin

How come there was never any arrest of George Zimmerman BEFORE Trayvon Martin got shot?

He was arrested. For assault.

George Zimmerman was clearly unable to handle the insults, the public assaults on him, the constant lies, the constant need to watch his back due to death threats from Spike Lee followers…

George Zimmerman was made into this because he felt he had no where to go

“Made into this”? No, I think he was a moron from the get-go.

I do feel sorry for him. He was too much of a wimp to let a 17 year old kick his 35 year old butt,

So shooting unarmed black kids makes you a wimp? I thought you Zimmerman nut-sack-lavers thought it made him a manly man?

then goes through the trial, the death threats, the lack of personal privacy…He is most likely NOW half nuts because of all that

And everyone’s personal comments on his life who never met him, never knew him, but were only spoonfed what the media decided to say about him

And how long did YOU know him exactly?

YOU dont know who he is, what he did, or what he knows, all you KNOW about Zimmerman is what the media told you

I dont talk about it often, but I was once accused of a crime that I was not involved in and when they caught the guy and tried and jailed him, I never got an apology from my accuser.

You should have shot him to death.

I know how it feels to be under the spotlight, badly, too

let alone being a Freeper standing up for our nation,

That’s redundant.

Tea Party Leader getting slandered, too by the media locally and nationally

I thought the so-called tea party didn’t HAVE leaders?

George Zimmerman needs a place to just hide and be an unknown so he can let his jets cool.

8 posted on ‎1‎/‎10‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎22‎:‎37‎ ‎AM by RaceBannon (Rom 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for)

To: stuck_in_new_orleans

Post #8. Right on time. :)

9 posted on 1‎/‎10‎/‎2015‎ ‎6‎:‎24‎:‎01‎ ‎AM by Diana in Wisconsin (I don’t have ‘Hobbies.’ I’m developing a robust Post-Apocalyptic skill set…)

More after the arrest warrant.

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The Packers Used to Suck ALL THE TIME

As the Packers and Cowboys competed to see who would get the shit kicked out of them in Seattle next week (the Packers won, which I am glad of, for it fills next Sunday with the possibility, however remote, of joy) I kept going back to this: 

It wasn’t always like this. It wasn’t always Discount Double-Checks and Lambeau Leaps. There was a time when the Packers were a sorry excuse for an NFL franchise, an embarrassment to the memory of Vince Lombardi.

From 1968 through 1991, the Packers had four winning seasons. They qualified for the post-season twice and won exactly one playoff game. They went through more than 30 quarterbacks, some of whom seemingly had no idea how to throw a forward pass.

BITCHES DON’T EVEN KNOW. Every mopey fan who sees in every Rodgers incompletion a horror beyond imagining (and calls for McCarthy’s firing on WTMJ every time the Pack don’t make the Super Bowl) has NO IDEA what it was like to show up every week to watch your team lose by six touchdowns. EVERY WEEK.

After Jerry Tagge, Jim Del Gaizo and Scott Hunter combined to throw for just 1,480 yards in 1973, Devine mortgaged the future by trading five high draft picks to the Los Angeles Rams for 34-year-old John Hadl.

Yes. The man, the myth, the legend: John Hadl. This was the team I grew up with. This was the joke: “Why doesn’t Milwaukee have a professional football team?”

“Because then Green Bay would want one.”

That wasn’t something Bears fans said. That was something Packers fans said. But we still tune in to the sports shows after a big game and find people complaining.

I mean Jesus on a toast point, if the Packers get worked by Seattle next week, the drama is going to be unbelievable, even with Aaron Rodgers looking like a wounded deer out there, wobbling around on one foot and stone cold throwing it to “oh, fuck it, somebody’s gotta be there” and still somehow making it happen. People will be acting like a loss late in the playoffs when your quarterback can barely cut his food anymore is something to be ashamed of, when most of the NFL has been off selling Amway for weeks now.

After two 8-8 seasons, the Packers went 4-12 in 1986, thus becoming the first team in franchise history to lose 12 games in a season. Gregg resigned after the team went 5-9-1 in 1987.

Lindy Infante, who had coordinated Gregg’s offense in Cincinnati, was hired in 1988 and the Packers went 4-12 again. The next year, led by quarterback Don Majkowski, they won 10 games for the first time in 17 years.

But the euphoria did not last long. In Infante’s final two seasons Green Bay went a combined 10-22.

Yeah, let’s complain about the quality of the play these days.


Tolerate Homophobes or Vous N’Etes Pas Charlie!

Seriously, Arizona: 

You can’t stand with Charlie Hebdo if you believe people who oppose, say, same-sex marriage are not just wrong, but blasphemous and hateful. If your first inclination is to use the word “homophobe,” you can’t utter the phrase, “Je suis Charlie.” Not with any honesty, you can’t. If your first inclination upon discovering that someone contributed to California’s Proposition 8 was to chase them out of their jobs and onto the streets, you have no business in a Paris plaza today.

If you seriously think words like “denier” or “anti-science” are a proper retorts to anyone who questions environmentalism’s campaign against carbon, you can’t stand with the Parisians, either. All those words mean is, “Shut up. Stop your anti-science, climate-change denials. Shut up.” They are incompatible with no-holds-barred free speech as practiced by Charlie Hebdo.

If caring about the integrity of U.S. borders is indistinguishable from racism, xenophobia and nativism, same deal. If “race hatred” is your default response to (in no particular order) objections to the welfare state, the Tucson Unified School District’s ethnic studies program, the deconstruction of the Black nuclear family or inner-city crime, then you need to turn in your “Je suis Charlie!” placard. Because you’re not Charlie.

If you think driving George Will and Ann Coulter off the American university campus in order to keep their offensive words from singing the ears of students is a righteous act, you really should find something else to do during the next Charlie Hebdo rally. You are a free speech-hater, to coin a phrase.

I’m pretty sure that unless you want George Will and Ann Coulter KILLED, there are significant differences between you and the people who shot up the Charlie Hebdo offices, thanks. But hey, let’s not let an opportunity to conflate “freedom of speech” and “freedom from getting called on egregious stupidity” pass us by. That would be a REAL tragedy.


Sunday Morning Video: Tom Waits Live In 99

Here’s the grizzled troubadour on VH1Storytellers in 1999:

Weekend Question Thread

Are you a member of any of your local museums or historical societies or zoos or anything?

Kick got a membership to the local aquarium for Christmas, because she’s obsessed with my father’s fish tank and the one time I took her to the Shedd she was absolutely fascinated. Think we’re gonna spend some of these upcoming chilly days inside watching jellyfish and seahorses.



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