Now We Know Who He Calls When He Gets Strung-out

From Holden:

Bush drug war ally Colombian President Alvaro Uribe was described as a “narco-trafficer” by the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1991:

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, one of the Bush administration’s most steadfast allies in South America, was allegedly a “close personal friend” of slain drug lord Pablo Escobar and worked for his Medellin cartel, according to a newly released U.S. military intelligence report.

The 1991 report by the Defense Intelligence Agency describes Uribe, then a rising political star in Colombia, as being “dedicated to collaboration” with the Medellin cartel, at the time the world’s richest criminal organization and the source of most cocaine imported into the United States.

The memo devotes a single paragraph to Uribe and his alleged narcotics involvement, listing him 82nd among 104 of the “more important Colombian narco-traffickers.”