Your Preznit Speaks, Part II: When Rudeness is a Family Value

From Holden:

In this bit, the brain-deficient former fratboy rudely ignores Helen Thomas:

Q: And, Mr. President, do you worry that you should have given more attention to Iran earlier?

In Iran, we are paying very close attention to Iran. We have ever since I’ve been in office here. We are working with our friends to keep the pressure on the mullahs to listen to the demands of the free world. And we’re working with the [Helen Thomas raises her hand and tries to ask a question] — hold on a second, please. Excuse me. We’re working with the IAEA to keep the pressure on Iran, and the Secretary is working very closely with the foreign ministers of France, Great Britain and Germany, who are taking it upon themselves to make it clear that the demands of Europe are also equal to — the same as the demands of the United States, that we expect there to be full disclosure, full transparency of their nuclear weapons programs.

Yes, Suzanne. Suzanne.

Q [from Helen Thomas]Do you think the intelligence was —