Your Preznit Speaks, Part I: He Just Won’t Listen

From Holden:

Watch as Tom Ridge tries in vain to correct President Bunnypants:

THE PRESIDENT: [T]he 9/11 Commission had some very constructive suggestions for congressional reform. I think Tom told me one time he — how many different committees have you testified in front of?

SECRETARY RIDGE: Well, 140 times our leadership was up there last year.

THE PRESIDENT: He testified 140 different times.



SECRETARY RIDGE: The leadership — under secretaries —

THE PRESIDENT: Yes. I mean, it’s a lot of — he’s got a lot of jurisdictions up there, and so he goes committee, subcommittee, this committee, that committee. I mean, it seems like it’s one thing to testify, and there to be oversight, it’s another thing to make sure that the people who are engaged in protecting America don’t spend all their time testifying. And so there’s going to be some important reforms. We look forward to working with Congress on the reforms.