Daily Show

From Holden:

Jon Stewart was brilliant last night. His guest was Rep. Henry Bonilla (R) from right here in Texas. Bonilla worked out of the Republican “War Room” during the Democratic Convention.

I wish I had a transcript of last night’s show. Stewart got Bonilla to repeat the “Kerry is the most liberal senator and Edwards is the fourth most liberal senator” crap. Then Jon asked repeatedly where that rating came from. Bonilla obviously did not know, and kept saying the rating was produced by “the groups”.

Finally Stewart told him that it was the National Journal that rated Kerry and Edwards in that way, then asked if Bonilla knew if the ratings covered their entire career or not. Bonilla said yes, their entire careers, and Jon countered with the fact that these were there ratings for a single year.

Bonilla was completely out of his depth, obviously not good at thinking on his feet. And the fake newsman was well-prepared. A thing of beauty.