Let’s See Who Gets the Largest Crowd in Davenport

From Holden:

John Kerry is repeating his promise to roll back Bush’s tax cuts on families earning more than $200k in order to fund his health care initiative and help reduce the deficit.

On the deficit issue, he’s pulling a Clinton by adopting traditionally republican positions. Today he called for a line item veto and advocated automatic budget cuts for certain programs.

Personally, I oppose both. I don’t want to see executive power expand anymore, and a line item veto would take power away from the legislative branch by preventing the attachment of ammendments that the executive may not favor to bills he/she would like to sign.

Similarly, automatic budget cuts deprive the legislature and the rest of us of the power to make human decisions.

On the other hand, what does Bush have to offer? Two-year old tax cuts for the wealthy?

Both Bush and Kerry will be in Davenport, Iowa tomorrow. Let’s compare the size of the crowd each candidate attracts.

Kerry’s two-week campaign trip through battleground states takes him from Wisconsin to Iowa. His bus caravan may cross paths with Bush on Wednesday as both candidates will be appearing in Davenport, Iowa, around the same time.

Bush lost Iowa to Al Gore by fewer than 5,000 votes in 2000.