Where’s My Bush Boom?

From Holden:

Although Chimpy’s War on Iraq is playing a large roll inthis years presidential election, the economy will be the deciding factor. People vote with their pocketbooks, I’m certainly not the first one to make that observaton.

While Kerry and Edwards talk about what’s actually happening in our economy and what they intend to do to improve the lives of the majority of Americans who make lees thatn $200k per year, the Bush campaign spins or simply lies about it.

Let’s see them spin this:

Layoffs in the United States rose 8 percent in July from the previous month, a report said on Monday, as the job market recovery struggled to gain momentum.


The number of announced hires fell to 26,880, a 30 percent decline from June’s 38,377. June hiring announcements fell 31 percent from May.