Xenophobic Republicans Abandon Bush

From Holden:

First the Evangelical’s lecture Bush about Sudan, now hate-filled racists are abandoning him in droves.

What’s next, Neo-Nazis’ criticizing the way Bush walks?

“I’ve voted straight Republican ticket all my life,” said Mr. McCutchen, who founded the Health Depot pharmaceutical chain. “But this lesser-of-two-evils thing doesn’t cut it any more. There’s no way I’d vote for George Bush unless he’d secure our borders immediately.”

The Border Patrol recently reported that rumors of amnesty caused a surge in illegal immigration from Mexico in the wake of Mr. Bush’s Jan. 7 guest-worker proposal.

A resident of Fort Smith, Ark., Mr. McCutchen recently put up two billboards with the message, “Deport Bush and Kerry and the 12 million illegal Mexicans.” In previous years, he would have been called “a racist and a xenophobe,” he says, but now he’s finding support.

“There are lots of people like me, and they’re beginning to speak out,” he said.