I Guess those Inner City Kids and AIDS Patients will have to Wait

From Holden:

In May we were told that Jenna and Not-Jenna had both accepted internships in New York, one at a fashion firm and the other doing PR.

Then daddy’s poll numbers continued their inevitable decline, forcing the new graduates to join the campaign and claim some interest in the improvement of the state of mankind:

Barbara, interested in art therapy, will intern in the pediatric AIDS program at Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine. Jenna’s dream is to open a charter school (a form of education her father supports). She has applied for a teaching job in New York, where she’s moving with a friend.

These new careers were to begin after November, you understand. Except now we learn that the girls have been offered modeling contracts:

If Barbara and Jenna Bush want to follow in the Olsen twins’ footsteps, a New York modeling agency will help them take the first step. Ambassador Promotions has offered a modeling contract to the first daughters, for what the company says could be a multimillion-dollar deal if the Bush twins accept. “Whether the president wins re-election or not, the girls could be true winners for the fashion world,” the company’s president, Dave D’Orazio, said in a statement.

Yo, Athenae – are you lurking out there? I betcha a fiddy that Jenna Bush never sees the inside of an inner-city school, and Little Babs will never draw pictures with AIDS patients.