Iraq Update

From Holden:

skippy informs us that $8.8 Billion dollars of your tax money earmarked for Iraq cannot be accounted for. That money would come in handy for repairing the electrical grid:

Industry experts and analysts believe Iraq needs at least $12 billion to put its electricity sector back on track and meet the power demands of its 25 million people all day, every day.

At the moment, average supply peters out after eight to 12 hours.


“The existing stations operate at barely 30-40 percent capacity, while the distribution network across the country has virtually collapsed after the war and two decades of strife, adding to the crisis,” [Abhar Maurof, director-general of projects at the Electricity Ministry] said.


But the real extent of the shortage is obscured by the near zero demand from industry, beaten into the ground by international sanctions and war.

“If we have industrial demand coming, another 30 percent of electricity would be required, which at present is unavailable,” Maurof told AFP.

Robert Fisk reports that life in Iraq is worse than we are being told (imagine that?):

For just as, before the war, our governments warned us of threats that did not exist, now they hide from us the threats that do exist. Much of Iraq has fallen outside the control of America’s puppet government in Baghdad but we are not told. Hundreds of attacks are made against US troops every month. But unless an American dies, we are not told. This month’s death toll of Iraqis in Baghdad alone has now reached 700 – the worst month since the invasion ended. But we are not told.

Meanwhile, the US casualty count is up to at least 920.

Where is the US media coverage? Well, what’s Kobe up to today?