“The facts are one-sided”

AP’s Calvin Woodward on the Dems’ “Bush Truth Squad,” their version of what the GOP rolled out in Boston recently:

WASHINGTON – Democrats rolled out a “Bush truth squad” Tuesday to state the facts as they see them and challenge the president’s assertions at every turn of the campaign.

Nearly 20 members of Congress, a retired general supporting John Kerry and other partisans joined in a pledge to “tell the whole truth” when President Bush doesn’t. The facts they brought forward at their launch, however, were selective.


“Truth is on our side,” Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee asserted repeatedly.

But some of the facts presented Tuesday were highly one-sided.

The squad’s case against Bush included a “Tale of Two Lives” video juxtaposing flattering statements and pictures of Kerry’s past with a Bush history sprinkled with phrases such as, “Avoids Vietnam,” “Absent from Duty,” “Is Investigated for Insider Trading.”

Aside from being obnoxious, it’s bad writing, which offends me more, frankly. Facts are not one-sided. Facts are facts. The story they tell can be one-sided, but a fact itself cannot be. Smarter journos, please.