Commies, Commies Everwhere, I Tells Ya’

From Holden:

Whoever heard of Business Week? More like Flamin’ Commie Week, Ah reckon. Jest you look at what they had to say ’bout our veepee Dick Cheney:

The second-most important political executive in our country claims to be ignorant of one of the key business decisions his company made during his tenure as CEO. It may well be that an underling was willing to make such an important call without telling Cheney, but make no mistake: This type of scenario would be very rare, even in pre-Sarbanes-Oxley Corporate America.

“The thing executives care the most about is how they look in terms of the numbers,” says University of Texas School of Law securities expert Henry T.C. Hu. “An accounting decision that is going to affect performance by nearly half is usually the type of thing the CFO would discuss with the head of the company.”

Even if Cheney didn’t know about the disclosure decision, he should have. CEOs are paid big bucks for a reason: To stay on top of the important events going on in their companies. When it comes to maneuvers that have such a critical — and obvious — impact on earnings, ignorance is no excuse.


It will be a long time before the facts behind this case emerge, if ever. But it’s hard to imagine any way in which Cheney will come out looking good. Even if the decision to hide the company’s accounting change was made below his grade level, the Vice-President is likely go down in corporate history as yet another know-nothing CEO of the late 1990s — hardly a distinguished group.

And what about this guy? Former Depatee Secertary of Defense mah ass! More like former Duped Commie-sar fur THE RUSKIES!!

John White, who served as deputy secretary of defense during the Clinton administration, said Cheney should release testimony he gave to the SEC regarding the investigation.

White, in a conference call arranged by the Kerry campaign, said the settlement was another example of a Cheney penchant for secrecy, that’s included the administration’s refusal to release names of individuals the vice president met with as part of his energy task force.

Steve Schmidt, a spokesman for the Bush-Cheney campaign, said the Kerry campaign was attempting to use Halliburton as a “magic word” to distract voters from the Democratic ticket’s lack of a “coherent strategy on Iraq” and other issues, including his vote against an $87 billion supplemental spending bill to fund ongoing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cheney’s tenure at Halliburton was without reproach, he said.

Damn commies are everwhere, even wimmin ‘n kids!