Conservative Asshole of the Year – Vicious Fuckhead Division

From Holden:

And the winner is…

William A. Graham of Louisiana:

To the panicked women who called the number for the Causeway Center for Women, listed in the phone book under “abortion services,” William A. Graham was a soothing voice on the other end of the line.

What he offered sounded much better than an abortion clinic: a Saturday appointment with a private physician, in a hospital, at a bargain price. Besides, he warned them, abortion clinics regularly botched procedures and left women sterile.

But the women found it difficult to pin Mr. Graham down to a day and time. Week after week, they say, he would cancel their appointments, always reassuring them with calm explanations.

In a federal lawsuit, seven women now charge that Mr. Graham never intended to refer them for an abortion at all, but was merely stalling until it was too late.

On Wednesday, Judge Stanwood R. Duval Jr. of United States District Court ordered Mr. Graham to disconnect his phone because he had caused “irreparable harm” to the women and to Causeway Medical Clinic, an abortion provider that is also suing Mr. Graham. The lawsuit accuses Mr. Graham, who has operated the phone service since 1993, of false advertising, fraud and trademark infringement.

But, you say, wait a minute, Holden, a guy can’t win Conservative Asshole of the Year in the always competitive Vicious Fuckhead Division based on one fraudulent enterprise, even if that enterprise was in operation for 11 years.

We need something else to convince us that he is worthy of receiving such an award.

In 2002, Mr. Graham enrolled in the state’s anti-AIDS condom distribution program, picked up 30,000 free condoms and discarded them. He pleaded guilty to theft and is on probation.

OK, that puts him over the top.