Conservative Asshole of the Year – Miss Congeniality

From Holden:

By most accounts the screening of Fahrenheit 9/11 in Crawford last week went pretty well. Except there was one loser in the back blowing an air horn during the opening scenes of the movie until Crawford’s Finest put him in his place.

My hometown weekly alternative newspaper, the Austin Chronicle, conducted a quickie interview with the horn-blowing jerk, one Ryan Wooley. Here is a sample:

AC: So you’ve seen parts of [Fahrenheit 9/11], but you’re not willing to watch the whole thing? Don’t you want to see it just to be able to argue against the talking points?

RW: Absolutely not. But I’m pretty sure I could argue against the talking points.

AC: I’ve heard some people in here yelling that anyone voting Kerry is a traitor, or that if you’re a liberal you’re a traitor. Do you believe that? That they can’t be liberal and a patriotic American?

RW: I won’t state that in the sense of being liberal-thinking, meaning being tolerant to some degrees and open to some other thoughts. That doesn’t necessarily make you a traitor or try you for treason. But when you begin to base your arguments upon lies, and you begin to say that the president himself is sending our men and women over for a lost cause, I think you should be tried for treason.

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