Herbert and Krugman on Iraq

From Holden:

Both NYTimes columnists tackle Iraq today.

Krugman bemoans the lack of media attention, provides a brief overview of the situation in our 51st state, and states what is already obvious to any thinking person:

One thing is clear: calls to “stay the course” are fatuous. The course we’re on leads downhill. American soldiers keep winning battles, but we’re losing the war: our military is under severe strain; we’re creating more terrorists than we’re killing; our reputation, including our moral authority, is damaged each month this goes on.

Herbert explores what got us into, and keeps us inmeshed in, this mess:

The United States is the greatest military and economic power in the history of the planet. But it lacks a unifying sense of national purpose at the moment, and seems uncertain, even timid, as the national security challenges continue to mount. That is what a failure of leadership can do to a great power.