Update on military absentee voting

While guest blogging for the inimitable Atrios, I posted on the ongoing problems with absentee voting for the military overseas. The Pentagon today announced a new initiative to try to solve some of the problems.
Serious problems cropped up in 2000, with late and undated ballots from overseas. Thousands of votes were invalidated or lost.
Seven out of 10 elibible troops voted in 2000, compared to only half of the registered voters in the U.S., according to Federal Election Commission data released by the Pentagon. They are expecting an even larger percentage this election.
The Pentagon is responsible for spreading information on absentee voting to about 6 million Americans – including 3.8 million civilians overseas – as well as the military. Under Secretary of Defense, Charles Abell, said that the Pentagon has initiated a drive to inform people about absentee voting and to try to solve the problems.
Ballots without postmarks were rejected in 2000, even though they were sent in pre-postpaid envelopes that don’t require postmarks. The Pentagon says it has now provided all military P.O.s and ships at sea with cancellation equipment, so the ballots will be postmarked.
Abell said: “We have learned our lessons from the 2000 election.” link
Haven’t we all…