When they were booing hope and optimism I knew it was an interesting crowd

From Holden:

Kerry and Edwards, riding Harry Truman’s “Give ’em Hell” train through Missouri:

Fans of presidential nominee Kerry and running mate Edwards outnumbered taunters, yet the scene was reminiscent of a rowdy hockey crowd.

As Bush backers again chanted, “Four more years,” Kerry drew cheers by predicting the end of the Bush presidency on election day. “Let them chant because they have only three more months to chant,” Kerry said.


Edwards maintained a smile but at one point asked: “I just want to say to those folks who don’t want to hear from us: My children are on this train. Show them some good Missouri manners.”

As the train pulled away, Edwards gushed: “That was great. That was fun. When they were booing ‘hope’ and ‘optimism,’ I knew it was an interesting crowd.”