Your Preznit Speaks

From Holden:

At the UNITY Convention:


No, here in this — here in this capital there’s a lot of focus on funding, but very little focus on results. We increased for funding for K through 12 by 49 percent since 2001.

Tax Policy

If you’re paying taxes, you’re going to have tax relief and the government ought not to pay favorites.

Gay Marriage – No, Tax Policy

Seems like we ought to be trying to encourage marriage in America, not penalize it.

Help for African American Dwarves

And as a result of tax relief, and a good economic environment, there are more small minority owners — business owners today than ever before.

What the Fuck? Part I:

I believe strongly that the Justice administration ought to enforce the civil rights laws, and we are. I’m the first President to have banned racial profiling in federal law enforcement.

What the Fuck? Part II:

My Cabinet is diverse. The people who walk into the Oval Office and say, Mr. President, you’re not looking so good today, they’re diverse.

A New Love interest?

They came to see me because their story was documented and Marvin Zindler — I don’t know if there are any Houstonians here, but you know Marvin Zindler, he’s a — yes, you know Big Marv.

What the Fuck? Part III:

In the Oval, I told them, I said, you know, I’m glad you’re here; it’s very important for you to know that a successful President is one who realizes he’s not bigger than the office, that the office of President is always bigger than the person, and that as we help you build a free Iraq, the institutions must be bigger than the people, so that never happens to you again.

To Michelle Malkin, or perhaps Monica Lewinsky

First, we don’t need intern camps.

On Racial Profiling

I guess my answer to your question is, is that we’ve always got to make sure that people are judged innocent before guilty, that’s the best insurance policy for law enforcement overstepping its bounds.

What the Fuck? Part IV:

We cannot — again — it’s interesting, these recent threats, you know, they’re becoming more and more enriched, as you’re finding out. There was more than one thread line — threat line.

Check Out My Minorities

If you look at my administration, it’s diverse. And I’m proud of that. Condi Rice is there because she happens to be a very competent, smart, capable woman. She’s also African American. And she is my closest foreign policy advisor. I see her every day. When I see Condi, I think, brilliant person. And I’m glad she’s there. Colin Powell – he was here yesterday, evidently. Rod Paige — Rod Paige was the superintendent of schools in Houston. I wanted somebody who knew what it meant to run a school district, not a theorist; somebody who knows what it means to challenge the soft bigotry of low expectations. He had. He’s there. Alfonso Jackson, Elaine Chao, Norm Mineta — Mel Martinez was in my Cabinet.

Uh – Stick with War on Terra

We actually misnamed the war on terror, it ought to be the struggle against ideological extremists who do not believe in free societies who happen to use terror as a weapon to try to shake the conscience of the free world.

Grammatical Train Wreck

No, look, if what you’re saying is, is there going to be special treatment for people — in other words, we’re going to have a special exception for certain people in a system that’s supposed to be fair, I agree, I don’t think there ought to be.

Big Difference

Q I just read the speech, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: What speech?

Q In terms of when you came out against the Michigan affirmative action policy, and —

THE PRESIDENT: No, I said was against quotas.

Q So you support affirmative action, but not quotas.

THE PRESIDENT: I support colleges affirmatively taking action to get more minorities in their school. (Applause.)