Iraq Update

From Holden:

Iraq blowback hits Australian Prime Minister John Howard:

The 43 eminent Australians including two former chiefs of defense and three ambassadors issued a scathing public statement accusing the government of deceit and of rubber-stamping foreign policies decided by Washington.


“We are concerned that Australia was committed to join the invasion of Iraq on the basis of false assumptions and the deception of the Australian people,” the statement said. “Above all, it is wrong and dangerous for our elected representatives to mislead the Australian people.”

Here’s something that will make Chimpy smile (except for that last category of offenses):

Iraq’s interim government reinstated the death penalty Sunday for a range of crimes including murder, kidnapping and drug offences, officials said.

Lynndie England’s lawyers call for Rummy and Cheney to testify in her Iraq torture hearing.</p

The New York TImes publishes an Op-Ed Chart comparing what has been spent in the War on Iraq to what could have been spent to better protect this country.

A soldier from New Mexico dies in combat, the second this week:

“And yes, our heroes have died in vain – and one of them is my son,” Velina Sanchez told KOB-Channel 4 while clutching a photo of Sgt. Moses Daniel Rocha in his dress uniform.

Rocha, 33, was fatally shot during fighting that erupted this week in Najaf, where U.S. helicopter gunships and fighter jets continue to pound Shiite Muslim insurgents.

Thanks to Jim F.