Federal judge holds Russert in contempt of court

abcnews is reporting:

A federal judge has ruled that a Time Magazine reporter is in contempt of court for refusing to testify before the grand jury that is investigating the leaking of the identity of CIA operative, Valerie Plame, to the press. The reporter isn’t Russert, despite the headline, but Matthew Cooper. Russert was ordered to testify and did.
When this story broke months ago, there was a lot of discussion around the blogosphere about the First Amendment, and whether the reporters who were involved with this leak could or should reveal their sources. The First Amendment is not an absolute; none of the rights and guarantees of the Constitution are absolutes. They have to balanced against the harm that is contemplated if they are applied in any given instance. In this instance, the harm is huge – this is an issue of national security. Someone has committed treason. In my opinion, that more than overcomes any journalist’s First Amendment right to keep a confidential source confidential. Apparently, the federal court agrees.