Obsession Concludes: Battle of the Press Corps Brown-Nosers

From Holden:

First up, the pride of Talon News/GOPUSA, Jeff Gannon:

Q Thank you. The imam that was arrested in New York last week was discovered because his name appeared in a Rolodex in a terrorist training camp in Iraq before the war. The book was found after, by U.S. troops, but he was in Iraq before the war. Is this another piece of evidence showing the direct terror ties between Iraq and al Qaeda?

MR. McCLELLAN: One, that’s an ongoing investigation. I think the questions related to those particular individuals are best directed to the Department of Justice. And so that’s — I would refer any questions about that investigation to the Department of Justice.

It’s hard to top Jeff’s performance, but I’m sure Les Kinsolving will give it his best:

Q All right. Journalist — I have a follow up. The Journalists of Color organization, comprised of black, Hispanic, Asian and American Indian, which would have barred such journalists as Ralph McGill of the Atlanta Constitution and Hodding Carter of the Greenville Mississippi Delta Democrat Times, risked their lives fighting racial segregation. But it would be open to such journalists as Jayson Blair of the New York Times and Janet Cooke of the Washington Post. And my question, why did the President speak to this racially segregated organization, whose title leaves you, and most of us in this room, as colorless?

MR. McCLELLAN: Les, if you have questions about the organization, I think you can direct them to the organization. The President —

Q I tried. They don’t answer the phone. I want to know why did the President speak to this racially segregated organization?

Oooo, this one is too close to call, folks. So I’ll let you decide who deserves to be named “Scottie’s Hemorrhoid”.