Obsession Continues with Gaggle-iscious Questions

From Holden:

There were so many good ones today:

Q I understand that you don’t want to comment on these charges that have been leveled against Ahmed Chalabi by the Iraqi government on counterfeiting. You said that already. But given the fact that he was once a welcome figure around the White House and other federal buildings in this town, does the President now feel that Ahmed Chalabi is a totally discredited figure? And is concerned about Chalabi’s being in Iran and that he may be in some way vetting the Iranian nuclear project or turning over some information that could be harmful to the United States? Is he concerned about Chalabi?

Q Apart from the counterfeiting charge, based on other allegations that have come out regarding Chalabi, as far as this White House is concerned, is Chalabi is not welcome around here?

Q Senator Kerry has been making light, or making fun of the President saying “we’ve turned the corner, and we’re not going back,” given the fact that the job growth has been weak, and the energy prices are rising. Is that something that the President is not going to say anymore? Is he reconsidering that, given that the jobs are —

Q Thank you, Scott. Last week, the Protocol Office of the State Department listed a lot of gifts to the President and their family. Especially huge were the gifts from Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, well over $100,000. First of all, does the President and his family get to use these gifts, and are they considered a bribe? Do they affect policy in any way?

Have the wheels finally come off?