The Wrath Over Khan (hey, somebody was bound to do it)

From Holden:

Sen. Charles Schumer, partiot, wants to know who in the White House leaked the name of yet another intelligence asset:

“I respectfully request an explanation to me and any other member of Congress who might wish one of who leaked this Mr. Khan’s name, for what reason it was leaked, and whether … reports that this leak compromised future intelligence activity are accurate,” Sen. Charles Schumer, a Democrat from New York, wrote in a letter to White House domestic security adviser Frances Townsend on Aug. 8.


Asked about the release of Khan’s name, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice said it was a hard line to draw between giving the public too much or too little information about terrorist threats.

“We did not, of course, publicly disclose his name,” Rice said, adding that it had been given “on background.” She did not say when or by whom the name was first revealed.

Josh Marshall explained this morning that when you tell the press something on “background” you are indeed making a public disclosure, but I doubt Condi was listening.

Meanwhile, Juan Cole hints at the damage done by this, the latest leak of a covert agent’s identity by the Bush White House, via Atrios.