Bush Picks Partisan for CIA Director

From Holden:

Your preznit has selected Florida republican Porter Goss as the next DCI. The CW last month was that a Goss nomination would be in for a brutal comfirmation fight:

When Goss’ name was first floated for the position, Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, the senior Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he would not support someone from Congress in that job and complained Goss would be too partisan.

But now, after the release of the Sep. 11 Commission’s report I’m not so sure. Our senate democrats are not known for their balls, and I can easily see them caving in on Goss in order to avoid accusations of playing politics with national security.

However they should fight this nomination bitterly, as it is Bush who is, and always has been, playing politics with our national security. Our side can sight an overwhelming number of examples, from Plame to Khan, with a half-dozen phony Terra Alerts(!) thrown in. It will be interesting to see how senate dems react.