Death Penalty Fractures Coalition

From Holden:

Some of the remaining members of the Coalition of the Willing are not as bloodthirsty as President Codpiece:

In a potential rift, Danish troops in Iraq have stopped handing over prisoners to British commanding forces because the Iraqi government reinstated capital punishment, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

Denmark – like Britain – is obliged under the European Convention on Human Rights not to extradite prisoners who could face the death penalty, which is banned in the European Union. But Britain insisted Tuesday that European human rights conventions don’t apply in Iraq, and that detainees must be remitted to the Iraqis.


“We wish to know for certain that people in our custody won’t be handed over to face the death penalty,” Danish Defense Minister Soeren Gade said late Monday in Washington, where he met with U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to discuss Denmark’s participation in peacekeeping missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The issue is currently under scrutiny in Britain’s High Court, where the families of six Iraqis allegedly slain by British troops are seeking an independent investigation.

The families’ lawyers say the human rights convention, which guarantees the right to life and bars torture or degrading treatment, should apply. Lawyers for the government are arguing it does not apply outside Europe.