Open Season on Reporters

From Holden:

A Plame update from WaPo:

Lawyers involved in the case said it appears that Fitzgerald is now armed with a strong and unambiguous court ruling to demand the testimony of two journalists — syndicated columnist Robert D. Novak, who first disclosed the CIA officer’s name, and Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus, who has written that a Post reporter received information about her from a Bush administration official.

Pincus was served with a subpoena yesterday after Hogan’s order was unsealed.


One defense lawyer involved in the case said the judge’s ruling gives Fitzgerald significant leverage to compel testimony from Novak and Pincus. “This is now open season on these reporters,” the lawyer said. The court’s ruling establishes unequivocally that “in a grand jury context, reporters don’t have a privilege,” the lawyer said.


Lucy A. Dalglish, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, said Hogan’s ruling is troubling because it allows prosecutors to make their case by trying force reporters to violate confidentiality commitments, rather than by extracting answers from administration officials.

“You just can’t tell me none of the people appearing before the grand jury knows who the leaker was,” she said.