Our National parks and other national lands need Big John Kerry

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At his first ever trip to the Grand Canyon, John Kerry blasted the Bush administration for short-changing the budget for federal parks.
According to Kerry, the preznit’s budget for the U.S. Park Service for the next fiscal year is lower than it was this year. Kerry is promising an additional $110 million above what Bush has proposed, to be financed in part by the rollbacks on the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.
Pay attention here, my friends: Kerry wants a revision of the 1872 mining law that allows companies to acquire land for $5.00 an acre if there is proof of valuable mineral deposits on it.
There is a wilderness area in the San Juan mountains of Colorado called the Red Mountain Wilderness. It’s named for the principle mountain – Red Mountain. It is a beautiful mountain which has a brilliant orange red peak. The red is due to – all together now: valuable mineral deposits. I just learned the other day that yet another attempt is being made to open this wilderness area for mining. We’ve gone through this twice already in the last decade. Proposals to mine Red Mountain have been rejected in the past, but if we don’t get an environmentally conscious president in office, one who respects what little wilderness we have left in the lower 48, then I suppose we could see that red peak shaved off, sent to the stamp mill and turned into $$$$ for a mining company. Red Mountain is one of five 14,000 foot mountains in this part of the San Juans, so the peak is mined, it will be noticed. Not to mention that this is a wilderness area, closed to all but foot and horse travel. You can’t mine on foot or horseback – you have to have roads, and trucks and heavy equipment.