Trouble Me

It’s interesting that in the discussion today about Goss and the CIA, it’s the agency that’s referred to as troubled.

In the same way, Chalabi was referred to as an ally of the Pentagon and not of the Bush administration or the Bushies personally. The Bush adminstration is not referred to as “scandal-plagued.” Bush is not referred to as “embattled.”

It may not be a conscious effort to shield Bush from criticism, but the more I hear things like this, I mean, what’s next, Prince Bandar as a “friend of certain administration officials” instead of the Bush confidant he is? It’s a deflection of blame from the president and the office he holds, much like Tommy Franks trying to take the fall for Bush’s “mission accomplished” nonsense.

Of all the things that enrage me about this administration, this may be the thing that pisses me off the most: nobody takes responsibility for anything.