Chalabi’s INC Evicted

From Holden:

Poor Ahmed Chalabi. He’s no longer on the Pentagon’s payroll. His friends in Washington don’t retrun his calls. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. And now his political party is homeless:

Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi on Tuesday gave the party of disgraced Pentagon favourite Ahmed Chalabi 24 hours to leave its Baghdad headquarters, the interior ministry said.

Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress seized an Iraqi government building after they were ferried into Iraq by U.S. forces last year. Now the new government of Iraq wants their building back.

Chalabi’s INC spokesman is not taking it well:

“We were notified this afternoon that we must evacuate our Baghdad offices within 24 hours,” said Mithal al-Alusi.

“The order was signed by the Iraqi government and delivered to us by an American soldier. The conspiracy continues.”