CIA: Just Say No To Goss

From Holden:

Former CIA analysts, agents, and senior officials are speaking out against the appointment of Porter Goss as DCI:

“When was he in the CIA?” asked former top CIA Iraq analyst Judith Yaphe of Goss’s agency career.

When told that Goss had been a case officer from the mid-1960s until 1971, dealing with Latin America, Yaphe said: “But that is so long ago. It’s not as if the cultures at the agency now were anywhere near what they were back then. I would worry about his genuine depth of knowledge.”

Yaphe said weeks ago Goss deliberately made statements that undercut Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin, adding, “John is a decent, well-meaning man, and Goss really screwed him.”


Yaphe, who thinks Goss would be too partisan said: “This whole appointment is a cheap political trick. One of the recommendations of the commission is that no political appointee be made director. But this is so clearly political. If Goss isn’t a political appointee, than I don’t know what is.”


Yaphe makes this prediction: “This will do nothing but cause more disarray at Langley.”


Former CIA agent Larry Johnson also questioned Goss’s qualifications. “There is one thing Goss didn’t really do for the last several years — he didn’t chair the House Intelligence Committee, in spite of what his resume claims,” said Johnson. “Instead, he did the dead man’s float.”

Johnson said Goss did not have the experience claimed. Goss did not “push through real reforms, for example, getting more funding for badly clandestine assets. He didn’t do any of it.”

Former CIA Counter-terrorism Chief Vince Cannistraro agreed: “Goss has never been very distinguished, but he’s protected. He’s a Bush loyalist and has been in the forefront of those who have tried to place the major blame for the 9/11 attacks on the agency.”


“Everyone, including Goss, was aware that within the agency, among the lower or technical levels,” there was intense opposition to including the Niger allegations in the State of the Union address, a former very senior CIA official said.

“Goss took no stand at all, provided no support,” a former senior CIA operative said.