Repeat After Me: I Will Not Argue With The Stupid People

All right, stop it. I mean it, stop now.

There’s a real danger now in going bonkers over Kerry’s military record again, and wasting time debunking freepers, and generally losing our minds. Take a deep breath, kids. Just a few more weeks.

It’s one thing to point out their mistakes, both Republicans’ and the media’s. It’s another to get caught up in reverse-nitpicking minutiae instead of getting the hell back on the offensive we were on last week, when the airwaves were full of hope, and John & John rode trains across this country bringing their message to hundreds of thousands who stood in the rain and the glare of the sun, who waved by the traintracks and held up their banners and reached out to the candidates like a touch would cure their ills.

The DNC was successful precisely because for once we were making statements instead of issuing clarifications. We were defining ourselves and not letting Republicans define us. We were doing what Democrats have fogotten to do for so long I can’t even remember the last time it happened: We were saying, loud and clear, here is your choice. Here is what I believe.

And now it’s a couple weeks later, and some bullshit lying jealous little pussies and their all-too-eager allies in the right-wing press have gotten us into arguments over whether Kerry serves four months or six months or eight months or three minutes, over (again) how severe Kerry’s wounds were, etc. I want Kerry to come out swinging at this crap, too. It’s frustrating to hear and it’s depressing, and it does have to be debunked. But not by Kerry.

Every minute Kerry spends answering Bush’s charges is a minute Kerry spends repeating them on camera. Every minute he spends debunking something spurious is a minute more for it to get lodged in the brains of TV viewers. Every minute he spends answering their accusations is a minute he can’t spend asking the question: “Where were you, sir, when your country called you?”

He needs to save his punches for the real bully: George W. Bush. And we need to trust the candidate a little bit and stop panicking. It’s still a beautiful day.