“Attitude” is the new bias

Oh my good gravy. Sorry, I’m trying not to swear so much.

It’s no longer called bias, apparently. Now it’s “news with an attitude.”

The ascendancy of “news” with an attitude – a spin, a bias – is undeniable. Whether it’s Moore’s determined effort to make Bush look dishonest and stupid; Brit Hume, Fox News Channel’s chief Washington correspondent, looking as if he swigged sour milk when he mentions Democratic nominee John Kerry; Matt Drudge’s right-thinking blogs; MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann edging toward “Weekend Update” irreverence on his nightly news “Countdown,” or the openly leftist Air America radio network hammering at Republicans the way Rush Limbaugh got rich pounding Democrats, purveyors of news and information that play to their audience’s prejudices – or at least their taste for amusement – are everywhere.

Via Romenesko.

Points I should not have to make, in ascending order of stupidity:

An “attitude” is not spin or bias. Spin and bias are not cute and they’re not funny. An “attitude” is something Ashlee Simpson affects to distract you from her screeching. Spin and bias are pernicious influences on the culture of news, and should not be taken so lightly.

BRIT HUME IS NOT A PUNDIT OR AN OPINION COLUMNIST! Of the people on this list, only Hume represents himself as an objective reporter. Only Hume presents his material to his audience as news, not as commentary, nor punditry, NEWS. There’s a huge difference between what Moore does and what Hume does. Moore’s very open with his objectives and his prejudices. Hume is not.

Gosh darn it to heck.