Fun With the Electoral College

From Holden:

I’ve been googling-up predictions for the 2004 electoral college vote based on current data. I could only find three, but there must be more out there so if you know of any more drop us a line at for enter a comment on this post.

Here is what I found:

Electoral Vote Predictor

This is the one everybody cites.

Kerry 327

Bush 211

Pablo Jones

Pablo is a student at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Kerry 282

Bush 256

Hedgehog Report

Dave Wissing’s Hedgehog Report is a decidedly pro-Bush blog.

Kerry 296

Bush 242

Would you like to calculate your own electoral college prediction? American Research Group has a calculator that will let you do just that. It lists all fifty states plus the District of Columbia, along with each state’s electoral vote total. Beside each state you will find radio buttons that allow you to check off which candidate you think will win that state.

There is a running total kept at the bottom of the page for each candidate. When you first visit the page it defaults to the electoral vote totals Bush and Gore received in 2000, with the Gore votes going to Kerry.

Check it out.

UPDATE: From a commenter –

For a ‘calculate your own’ site, this one is much more fun.

NateP leads us to Daily Thoughts, a freeper blog that still gives Kerry the edge:

Kerry 255 (316 w/what he calls tossups) Bush 187 (206 w/tossups)

Yet another anonymous commenter reminds us of Rasmussen Reports:

Kerry 232

Bush 197

Toss Up 109

Reader DJN points out that the League of Women Voters also has their own “calculate it yourself” map.

Commenter ltsply2 offers another blog from the right, electionprojection, Currently showing Kerry at 296, Bush at 242.

And still another anonymous commenter suggests Princeton University Professor Sam Wang [I shit you not] who says Kerry 312, Bush 226.