Is There An Echo In Here?

From Holden:

A bit strange, this transcript of the Bushes appearance with Nancy Reagan:

THE PRESIDENT: Laura and I are honored to come by and pay our respects to Mrs. Reagan. We really admire Mrs. Reagan’s strength and her love of a great President, and her friendship. We really thank you for the tour of your beautiful backyard. (Laughter.)

MRS. REAGAN: I’m so glad you came — so glad you came. Thanks so much.


MRS. BUSH: Thanks so much.

MRS. REAGAN: I’m always happy to see you.

MRS. BUSH: Thank you very much.

MRS. REAGAN: And you met Duchess.

THE PRESIDENT: And I met Duchess.

MRS. REAGAN: You met Duchess.

MRS. BUSH: That’s right.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all.

MRS. BUSH: Thanks, everybody.