Krugman Is Bloggy Gold

From Holden:

All you have to do is say, “Krugman”, and offer a Link.

If you want to give your readers a bit more, you can summarize his column:

Krugman, in today’s NYTimes, unspins Bush’s latest campaign ad, reveals how the preznit’s tax policies favor unearned income over income earned through actual labor, and explains that Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security is really no plan at all. All in one terse column.

Or you can offer a selected graph or two:

In 2001, Mr. Bush’s handpicked commission on Social Security was unable to agree on a plan to create private accounts because there was no way to make the arithmetic work.

Undaunted, this year the Bush campaign once again insists that privatization will lead to a “permanently strengthened Social Security system, without changing benefits for those now in or near retirement, and without raising payroll taxes on workers.” In other words, 2 – 1 = 4.

Four years ago, Mr. Bush got a free pass from the press on his Social Security “plan,” either because reporters didn’t understand the arithmetic, or because they assumed that after the election he would come up with a plan that actually added up. Will the same thing happen again? Let’s hope not.

That’s why I say Krugman is bloggy gold.