Bush Pollster: Negative Ad Campaign has Failed

From Holden:

So watch for the Bushies to turn it up to eleven:

President Bush’s multimillion-dollar attempt to define Democrat John Kerry negatively through advertising hasn’t done a good enough job and “isn’t mission accomplished,” a Republican pollster says.

“The Bush campaign needs to move Kerry further to the left to make him unelectable,” pollster Tony Fabrizio wrote Thursday in a memo. Continuing to allow Kerry to be seen by voters as “a benign liberal,” Fabrizio wrote, is “a grave and costly strategic error.”

The memo outlined results of a poll Fabrizio’s firm took of voters in 19 states where most of Bush’s television ads have run. The poll found that the Bush-Cheney campaign’s effort “isn’t mission accomplished,”‘ wrote Fabrizio, who was Bob Dole’s pollster in the Republican’s unsuccessful 1996 presidential bid.