People are starting to get it

On the “Republicans for Kerry” theme that my partner the fluffit started yesterday:

A surprisingly non-snarky story in the WaPo reminds us that Kerry & Edwards are doing what Kerry does best at this stage: talks to people, shakes their hands, kisses their babies, listens to what they have to say. Even Republicans are noticing the difference.

On Friday and Saturday, Edwards held “front porch” visits with residents struggling with pocketbook issues. In Flint, Mich., he talked to three people worried about the job market, and in Belle Plaine, Minn., he chatted with four families concerned about health care costs. He has also been the star attraction at Democratic rallies. The events have put him largely among the faithful, who roar their approval at his calls for repairing America’s image around the world and investing in education, health care and job growth at home.

But at least one Republican has been sold. Joyce Slater, 73, a registered Republican, stood in the rain waiting for Edwards at a rally in Flint on Friday afternoon.

“I’m very disappointed in Bush. We’ve got 931 dead boys, and for what? And how many injured? Thousands. And thousands of dead Iraqis and for what?” Slater asked