Fundies Feeling Left Out

From Holden:

World O’ Crap leads us to a story sure to warm your heart on a Monday morning:

Religious leaders such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson say that not only have they not been offered any speaking roles at the convention, but just three weeks beforehand, they have yet to be invited.

Could it be that in a race so tight that every swing vote is being chased like the most popular kid in school, the Republicans don’t want to alienate moderates with the in-your-face religious oratory of its most-partisan supporters?

Not so, according to Ralph Reed, former executive director of the Christian Coalition and now a national spokesman for the Bush-Cheney campaign. Reed told the Associated Press, which first reported this, that conservative Christians will have a central role at the convention, set to begin in Manhattan on Aug. 30.

It may be too late. The snub has offended religious leaders. Christian Coalition founder Robertson, who has attended every GOP convention since 1988, said he will not be going this year, even if an invitation makes its way to his mailbox. James Dobson, of the Focus on the Family broadcast, likewise does not plan to attend.