Nope, No Boom Here

Holden, I checked in Kansas, and schoolkids there can’t find your Bush Boom, either.

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas (Reuters) — The Spanish teachers are gone along with the guidance counselors and intramural basketball games. Teachers have been fired and classrooms closed.

But as the bell rings in a new school year, U.S. public schools from rural Kansas to New York City are still suffering significant funding shortfalls despite the cutbacks.

So while the kids gather up their backpacks, a wave of fed-up parents, teachers and administrators are turning to the courts to demand that states find new and better ways to pay.

At least 15 states are fighting lawsuits over school funding problems and another 10 states are threatened with litigation, according to the American Association of School Administrators.

“There is a problem with school funding across the country,” said Education Commission of the States policy analyst Mike Griffith. “People are really upset. They’re saying ‘The only way we can get the money we need is to sue the state.”‘

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