Fay Report Only a Partial Whitewash

From Holden:

The Army is about to release the Fay report on torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib to congress. Although it expands the circle of culpability beyond the “seven rednecks who lost the war”, it’s still a bit of a cover-up:

A high-level Army inquiry has found that senior American commanders created conditions that allowed abuses to occur at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq by failing to provide leadership and enough resources to run the jail, according to Pentagon and military officials.

But the inquiry found no evidence of direct culpability above the colonel who commanded the military intelligence unit at the prison, these officials said.


Senior officers in Baghdad at the time of the abuses, under the command of Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, were found to have had no role in ordering or permitting the abuse, nor did senior Pentagon officials in Washington, officials said. “There was no direct policy directives out of the Pentagon that caused this,” said one official. “And Sanchez did not send orders to abuse detainees.”

Hmmmmm. “No direct policy directives out of the Pentagon”? You might want to check with the ACLU or the American Bar Association before making such a sweeping statement.