Steve Earle Rocks

From Holden:

I keep Steve Earle’s last CD, Jerusalem, in my truck so I can rock out to “Amerika v. 6.0” whenever the mood hits me.

My fellow Texan Earle is putting out a new album, The Revolution Starts…Now, that he hopes will help take Bush out:

Now, halfway through the two weeks scheduled for laying down the primary tracks, he is writing a song each morning and recording it in the afternoon and evening. And this day, as he leads his band for the first time through a ballad of an on-the-run special-ops warrior called “The Gringo’s Tale,” his dog Beau, a three-year-old Australian Blue Heeler, throws up. “It’s on the power supply,” Earle shouts from the soundproof booth where he and Beau are isolated. The session is interrupted, and Earle’s younger brother, Patrick, runs the dog to the veterinarian. Sucking on a cigarette, Earle says, “I can deal with losing girlfriends.” He has been through six marriages with five wives. But, he adds, “there are two things I won’t be able to stand: losing that dog and seeing Bush reelected.” He tosses the cigarette and heads back into the booth.

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