The Flip-Flop is a Family Tradition

From Holden:

In their big Vogue article Jenna and Not-Jenna dedicated themselves to a selfless pursuit of the betterment of their fellow human beings:

Barbara, interested in art therapy, will intern at the pediatric AIDS program at Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine. Jenna’s dream is to open a charter school (a form of education her father supports). She has applied for a teaching job in New York, where she’s moving with a friend.

However, in one short month, things have changed. Perhaps Jenna now realizes that charter schools are not as good as daddy has claimed and Not-Jenna thinks kids with AIDS can help themselves, but the twins now have other priorities:

Jenna Bush has been bitten by the campaign bug and will not be teaching in Harlem this fall, the Daily News has learned.

“She is not going to teach this fall,” First Lady Laura Bush told The News. “After she started working at the headquarters and started traveling with her dad, she decided she would wait until the spring so she could be involved all fall with the campaign.”

Laura Bush said that Jenna’s twin, Barbara, also has decided to put her career plans on hold until after the first of the year to stay on the election trail.