Boykin’s Punishment

Turns out the Christian God gave Gen. Boykin some seriously shitty legal advice.

A Pentagon investigation has concluded that a senior military intelligence officer violated regulations by failing to make clear he was not speaking in an official capacity when he made church speeches casting the war on terrorism in religious terms, a senior defense official said Thursday.


Discussing a U.S. Army battle against a Muslim warlord in Somalia in 1993, Boykin told one audience, “I knew my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol.”

The Boykin investigation report has not been publicly released. Its findings were described Thursday by a senior defense official who is familiar with its conclusions. The official spoke only on condition of anonymity because the report has not been acted upon yet by acting Army Secretary Les Brownlee.

The report said that in considering possible action against Boykin, the Army should take into account that Boykin had asked military lawyers in advance about the propriety of making the speeches and was not advised against speaking.

Boykin asked in advance, “Is this okay?” meaning he probably had a good idea that it wasn’t. That’s what the Army should take into account when considering his punishment.