‘They run the country. Yeah, this one.’

I am so glad The Editors over at the Poor Man are back from hiatus.

So, I have a question: are we really talking about this? I’m not dreaming? Because I have dreams this weird sometimes. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, really, when you think about who made this ad, and who they made it for. People who believe that dinosaur bones were planted by Satan to trick unsuspecting archaeologists into atheism. People who think that the National Academy of Sciences is a front organization for radical leftists who want to take away your freedom by saying that climate science is real. People who think that Jesus talks to George Bush. (Jesus hasn’t suffered enough for you, now he has to spend his free time with that smirking pussy? Give Jesus a break already.) People who think that FOX News is, actually, fair and balanced. Basically, people who think that if the facts don’t support what you want to believe, you probably aren’t believing hard enough. Oh, and they run the country. Yeah, this one. Nice.

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