Yet Another Clueless George Bush

From Holden:

First nephew Georeg P. Bush thinks the Boarder Patrol’s use of plastic projectiles loaded with chile powder is “reprehensible” and “barbaric”, but blames their use on “local INS guys”:

President Bush’s nephew, campaigning for overseas votes in Mexico on Saturday, called the federal policy of arming U.S. Border Patrol agents with plastic pellet guns “reprehensible.”

Speaking in a mix of English and sometimes-halting Spanish, George P. Bush said his uncle was not to blame for the gun policy, which has angered Mexicans. He instead blamed it on “some local INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) guy who’s trying to be tough, act macho.”

“If there has been American approval for this policy, that is reprehensible,” Bush said of the guns, essentially paintball projectiles filled with chile powder. “It’s kind of barbarous.”

Sorry George Pee, but the use of the projectiles in question is a Bush administration policy:

The pellet guns, which were approved at the federal level, have been used on a trial basis since 2001 in California and Arizona. The U.S. Border Patrol fired the pepper-balls in 81 instances in 2002-03 and reported no deaths or severe injuries.

P-George is a bit confused about where we are in his uncle’s War on Iraq as well:

The younger Bush, whose father is Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and mother, Columba, is originally from Mexico, acknowledged at a news conference that the war in Iraq is not popular in Mexico but defended the military action, saying “we’re almost done with it.”