All Together Now

From Holden:

The Bushboy is uniting the Muslim World like nobody’s business:

NEARLY 100 prominent Muslims yesterday called on followers around the world to support resistance to American forces in Iraq and the government installed in June.

In an appeal released by the offices of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the 93 figures from nearly 30 nations, from Germany to Indonesia, said the aim should be to “purify the land of Islam from the filth of occupation”.


The appeal said Muslim rulers had been silent to the point of complicity in the face of what it called British-American and Zionist aggression in Iraq and the Palestinian territories.

“(The signatories) call on our Arab and Muslim peoples and all religious authorities and liberation forces everywhere to oppose the occupation and savage crimes in Iraq and Palestine, by providing all kinds of material and moral support to the honourable resistance … until God’s victory comes,” it said.

The statement called the Iraqi government “subordinate and installed, a mere shadow of the occupation, designed to impose hegemony on Iraq and its resources”. The signatories called for democracy throughout the Muslim world through free and fair elections, with respect the dignity of citizens.

Also, it looks like US troops walked into a large ambush in Kufa but you’d never know it from what our media reports.