Co-chairman of Wisconsin Veterans for Bush Defends Kerry

From Holden:

“He was there. He did it. My opinion is that anybody who served anywhere is a hero. And we should not as a nation be trying to tear down people who served and are serving,” Musser said when I reached him by phone Friday. He represents the Black River Falls area in the Legislature. Bush ought to condemn the ads from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, even though he can’t stop them, Musser said.


“Kerry was saying he was in Cambodia, and you have some of the other ones saying he wasn’t in Cambodia. It’s like, who do you want to believe. I was in the Central Highlands. They could have sent us into Laos. I wouldn’t have had a clue. There are no signs saying, ‘Welcome to Thailand,’ ‘Welcome to Vietnam.’

“Just imagine going up and down any river how easy of a target you are. He was there.” Did Kerry really deserve his three Purple Hearts? Be careful in making that judgment.

“Even if you happen to be running into a bunker and hit your head on it during a mortar attack. I knew a guy who got a Purple Heart that way. Is it related to an enemy action? Yeah, you’re trying to get the heck out of the road.”