Today on Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle

From Holden:

The preznit’s stance on “unregulated political advertising” from “shadowy groups” is crystal clear. You can tell by the questions that were asked after it his stance was announced:

MR. McCLELLAN: The President has condemned — well, first of all, the President has called on Senator Kerry to join him in calling for all of these ads and activity by these shadowy groups to stop, and he renewed that call today. The President has condemned all of these ads. And when he says he condemns them all, he means it. He wants Senator Kerry to join him in calling for a stop to all of these ads and activity.

Q But does he condemn the actual charge within the ad?

Q Can I assume that, then?

Q So I can assume he condemns the content.

Q — and the content?

Q He’s condemning the content of the ad, as well?

Q So let me just ask you —

Q You’re not making a difference — you’re not distinguishing between the fact that they are 527s —

Q You’re not separating, then, the fact that these are 527s getting unregulated money and the actual content of the ad, that Kerry might have fraudulently obtained his medals, he might have falsified records? You’re lumping that all in. When he says he condemns them, he condemns everything.

Q So the content of all of them, he condemns that as well?

Q So can we assume that he’s also denouncing the content of the ads?

Q — charge in the ad.

Q But this one was against them.

Q So you’re condemning these ads, but not —

Q But he’s not denouncing the specific charge within the ads?

Q You didn’t answer.

Q Okay, so he would — in terms of the question that I asked, he would discourage Republicans from supporting —

Q Okay, so you say these have no —

Q — they’re false and baseless, but are the Swift Boat ads false and baseless as well?

Q So Republican or Democrat, they’re all false and baseless.